WebRTC Weekly Issue #13 - April 30, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com

Before we begin: We’re planning an event. End of June (right after Google I/O). In San Francisco. Some preliminary details about our Geek & Kranky Show


Updated ORTC API Prototype Released (msopentech.com)
For those thirsty for news from Microsoft. Here’s their progress with ORTC (no luck with a browser implementation of WebRTC yet).

H.264 has won the WebRTC codec debate (webrtc.is)
Contrary to my own belief, there are those who think the decision has been made on MTI video codec and the decision is H.264.

Salesforce Debuts Its Answer To Amazon’s Mayday: An SOS Button For Mobile App Support (techcrunch.com)
My own personal bet? This one uses WebRTC as well.

The Blurring Line Between CRM and Contact Center Software (nojitter.com)
While WebRTC isn’t mentioned, it is the key technology driving this specific trend (and the demise of the contact center vendors by their CRM partners).

IMS and WebRTC Workshop (alanquayle.com)
Summary of the workshop done at IMS World Forum on WebRTC.


What’s in a WebRTC JavaScript Library? (webrtchacks.com)
If you want to dive deeper as to what you can find in existing WebRTC JS libraries, then this is what you need to read.

Cooperative GIFs With WebRTC (danordille.com)
A presentation explaining how to capture moving GIF of a WebRTC call session.

MultiCanvas (galv.us)
An interesting project that enables sharing a canvas across browsers using the Data Channel.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Face deformation (auduno.github.io)
I won’t say a word here. Just go check it for yourselves. Send me some pictures 🙂

PeerSquared Looking to Change Student-Teacher Relationships with WebRTC (webrtcworld.com)
WebRTC in education. Not the first solution I’ve seen, but the first one we’re covering here on WebRTC Weekly.

Real World WebRTC: Peloton Cycle (cio2cmo.com)
Pelton making use of AddLive’s WebRTC API platform for their indoor bike (think streaming of live lessons).


OnSIP has Launched WebRTC Signaling Platform, Available via API (programmableweb.com)
Looking for API for developers that use WebRTC? OnSIP has joined this game.

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