WebRTC Weekly Issue #127 - July 6, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WebRTC Argentina: The Future of WebRTC (RealTimeWeekly)
Arin Sime about where WebRTC meets bots.


PSA: Chrome M52 WebRTC Release Notes (disuss-webrtc)
Improved H.264 support, ESCDA certificate generation and a slew of bug fixes and optimizations.

Chrome 52 Boosts WebRTC H.264 & DTLS (The New Dial Tone)
And a longform explanation of the WebRTC changes in Chrome M52.

Do 12% of WebRTC calls really fail? (TokBox)
This one is important. If too many calls fail for you – you are probably at fault.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

WolfVision expands with Chromecast screen mirroring (InAVate)
I wonder what WebRTC support means in such a box.


No interesting releases this week.

From our own posts

None this week.