WebRTC Weekly Issue #123 - June 8, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WebRTC – Like Wine, Is Coming of Age (VoIPWatch)
Andy Abramson on the recent changes in our market.

WebRTC: The Delivery Protocol For Live Streams Of The Future (Red5 Pro)
Why WebRTC is set to displace HLS.

Why The WebRTC Video Codec War Is Not Over Yet, VP8 & H.264 Are Still In The Boxing Ring (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora’s take on H.264 and VP8.

Vidyo Joins the Alliance for Open Media (Vidyo)
An interesting move, though expected after their cooperation with Google on SVC in VP9.

Forrester Study: Business success through embedded communication technology (TokBox)
In our WebRTC 101 corner this week – a study proving there’s a need for.. WebRTC.


Know Where to ‘TURN’ When Deploying WebRTC (NoJitter)
Erik Lagerway on the aspects of deploying TURN servers.

Getting started with Web Components building a Video Chat widget (Twilio)
A step by step guide to uwing Twilio video in the browser.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

CommercialTribe Releases Screen Recording — Helps Reps Master Sales Demos (Press release)
Another interesting use case for WebRTC.


Calls come to Slack (Slack)
Voice calling using WebRTC is now publicly available for everyone in Slack.

Ricoh adds compatibility, flexibility to uniquely portable business videoconferencing system (Press release)
Ricoh adds WebRTC to its video conferencing solutions.

The Android App is Here (Gruveo)
Gruveo adds an Android app.

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