WebRTC Weekly Issue #113 - March 30, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

WebRTC Global SummitWebRTC Global Summit is coming up. Join us in London on April 11-12


3 Things WebRTC Cannot Do (WebRTC.ventures)
Arin Sime sheds light on things people expect of WebRTC that aren’t there.

Debunking the WebRTC Myth (CounterPath)
When you limit communications to traditional, boring UC use cases – sure.

Vedantu at The Kranky Geek WebRTC! (Vedantu)
Vedantu shares their deck from  Kranky Geek India.


Is Slack’s WebRTC Really Slacking? (Yoshimasa Iwase) (webrtcHacks)
Iwase, in human translation to English on Slack’s use of WebRTC.

WebRTC One To Many Broadcasting (Audio & Video) on i.MX6 board (Articlesbase)
Not sure if video coding is done on the board as well, but an interesting development/trend.

How to Test / Evaluate WebRTC in Safari? (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
For those who don’t want to wait for Apple.

Getting Started with the Twilio Video JavaScript SDK (twilio)
Twilio with a walkthrough of using their Video SDK.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

MindMe: WebRTC for the Greater Good (NoJitter)
How MindMe uses WebRTC in telemedicine.

California Online Education Initiative selects Cranium Cafe for online advising and counseling (Cranium Cafe)
Cranium Cafe gets selected by the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative.

The New Way to Workout with WebRTC (TokBox)
TokBox looks at fitness use cases and vendors.


3CX WebMeeting Now With WebRTC Firefox Support (3CX)
3CX now supports Firefox as well.

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