WebRTC Weekly Issue #112 - March 23, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

WebRTC Global SummitWebRTC Global Summit is coming up. Join us in London on April 11-12


Google Hangouts expands to allow up to 25 participants, free (9to5)
Something is brewing with Google Hangouts, likely more coming.

Top mobile developments – WebRTC (techbeacon.com)
Yup, this author believe WebRTC is a top mobile development for 2016.

WebRTC: More Vital Than Ever (NoJitter)

Why WebRTC Screen Sharing Requires More Than User Consent (The New Dial Tone)
It all boils down to security risks associated with screen sharing.


RenderJS: Serverless WebRTC database using Chrome Http WebSocket Server (Nexedi)
An interesting use of WebRTC to communicate between a browser and a local database.

Chrome M50 release notes on WebRTC (Google)
Boring but some interesting tidbits for you to be aware of.

WebRTC Trickle ICE End of Candidates Gathering Indication (WebRTC Standards)
Improvements to Trickle ICE.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

HireRush Lets Consumers Reach Local Service Providers via Browser-Based Calls (PRWeb)
A new service helps vendors find talent.

Four Exciting WebRTC Applications To Watch in 2016 (OnSIP)
Jenny Liang on what new use cases are adopting WebRTC.


Talkdesk launches real time reporting (PRNewswire)
Talkdesk uses WebRTC in it’s contact solution.

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