WebRTC Weekly Issue #111 - March 16, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

Kranky GeekKranky Geek India is upon us! Come join us on March 19 for our Bangalore WebRTC event for developers.

We have a twitter account for it: @webrtclive


See you at Kranky Geek India (testRTC)

The suddenly exciting future of enterprise communications (TechCrunch)
An interesting read on where we’re headed in the enterprise.

WebRTC Boston Recap (WebRTC.ventures)
Arin Sime details all the sessions from the recent WebRTC Boston meetup.

WhatsApp to get encrypted voice calls ‘within weeks’ as US starts clampdown on messaging (TheNextWeb)
I wonder if this means they are about to use more of the WebRTC stack in their app.

Skype Co-Founder Launches End-To-End Encrypted ‘Wire’ App (Tom’s Hardware)
Not sure if this help to Wire’s growth in any way, though I do see the benefit/trend heading towards end-to-end encryption.

Video On Internet: Live Streaming In 2016? (Peer5)
The challenges that live streaming faces when people shift their viewing habits towards the web.

Cisco Announces Fund to Fuel App Development on Spark Platform (ProgrammableWeb)
Cisco investing in building its ecosystem by putting out a fund for startups.

The Return Of Voice-And That Means I’m Watching (VoIP Watch)
Andy Abramson does a quick round up of recent voice related services.

RingCentral WebRTC API Opened Up for Developers. Should You Care About It? (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora gathers the pundits to voice their opinion on RingCentral’s new WebRTC APIs.


WebRTC Connectivity Woes and You (XirSys)
A detailed explanation of NAT traversal in WebRTC.

Analysis from the point of view of the WebRTC voice call function in Slack (iwashi)
Translate from Japanese. A more detailed overview on what goes on with Slack’s WebRTC support.

Why we are Using Real Browsers to Test WebRTC Services? (testRTC)
The need for browsers when automating WebRTC testing.

Debugging ICE in WebRTC (WebRTC Standards)
There’s an intent to improve debugging capabilities for ICE procedure in WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

How we built a Slack phone bot, and where we’re heading next (LinkedIn)
Luis outlines the story behind the creation of their Ottspott app for Slack.

AT&T, Power in Numbers (Blacc Spot Media)
Blacc Spot Media takes a look at AT&T Enhanced WebRTC and explains what sets it apart.

BemTV joins Streamroot (Streamroot)
BemTV was loved by many. Now part of Streamroot.


TokBox to Unveil WebRTC Telehealth Solution at SXSW Interactive SX Health & MedTech Expo (Yahoo Finance)
TokBox expands its offering by going upstream with vertical solutions.

Gruveo Now Available in Six More Languages (Gruveo)
Gruveo continues with its expansion through translation strategy.

Grandstream Launches Cloud-based Video, Audio and Web Conferencing Service (Business Wire)
Grandstream uses WebRTC for its new cloud based conferencing service.

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