WebRTC Weekly Issue #107 - February 17, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

Kranky GeekKranky Geek India is upon us! Come join us on March 19 for our Bangalore WebRTC event for developers.

We have a twitter account for it: @webrtclive


WebRTC In The Eyes of The IT Professional (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora analyzes the results from the latest SIP survey and its WebRTC related questions.

Cloud communications meets a new generation (Switch)
Craig Walker about the changes in the enterprise market and their penetration to communications.

Making The Case For WebRTC (Network Computing)
Kevin Riley on why WebRTC is fit for the enterprise.

2015: A Year in Gruveo Calls (Gruveo)
Gruveo releases a few of their stats from 2015.

Looking Back at 2015 – Here are some of Voxbone’s Key Achievements (Voxbone)
Voxbone looks at their own stats and achievements from 2015.


Using WebRTC and React to build a basic chat server (CodeUtopia)
A good walkthrough for developing a React chat app with WebRTC.

WebRTC Standard Virtual F2F Meeting #1 (WebRTC Standards)
If you wanted to know what you missed…

Will your WebRTC service cope with VP9? (testRTC)
A look at the latest VP9 addition to WebRTC in Chrome and how it behaves on the network.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

How WebRTC Will Change the Face of Advertising (netscan)
More ecommerce and sales related, but a good read nonetheless.


Vidyo delivers unmatched infrastructure innovation to optimise video collaboration for the enterprise (ITWeb)
Vidyo adds support for WebRTC – both VP9 and VP8.

Dialogic Enhances Video Experience with VP9 Codec (Dialogic)
Talking about VP9 support – Dialogic adds support to it in its PowerMedia XMS.

SURF and Intel Introduce First Platform for NFV, WebRTC (NFV news)
SURF adds WebRTC media processing capabilities to its HMP platform.

Product Update: Introducing Notifications for Monitoring WebRTC Deployments (callstats.io)
Callstats adds webhook support for notifications.

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