WebRTC Weekly Issue #106 - February 10, 2016

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

Kranky GeekKranky Geek India is upon us! Come join us on March 19 for our Bangalore WebRTC event for developers.

We have a twitter account for it: @webrtclive


Join us for Kranky Geek India: March 19 (BlogGeek.me)
Don’t miss out the line up of this speakers in this event.

No, VoLTE is not the future of mobile voice (Disruptive Analysis)
When dean starts a post with a No – it is bound to be interesting. Well worth reading.

Just how evergreen is Microsoft Edge? (Scirra)
Edge has some work to do in running only its latest version…

Dialogic Acquires APEX Communications and Builds Applications Development Practice (Dialogic)
Interesting to see how this will affect the WebRTC offerings of both APEX and Dialogic

Getting Real on RTC in the Enterprise (NoJitter)
Eric Lagerway recaps the last 4 years for us.

Adobe Connect 9.5.2 (Adobe)
Adobe Connect drops Flash… for a plugin. For the life of me, I can’t understand why.


VP9 is now available in WebRTC (Google Developers)
Sam Dutton shows how to use VP9 as your video codec in the latest Chrome release.

Record audio and video with MediaRecorder (Google Developers)
Sam Dutton explains how to use the new media recording capabilities in the browser.

getUserMedia resolutions III – constraints unleashed (webrtcHacks)
Chad Hart analyzes (again) the camera resolutions supported by browsers. Print for future reference.

How GWT Unlocks Augmented Reality in Your Browser (Toptal)
Alberto Mancini makes use of WebRTC’s getUserMedia to find a visual marker and use AR to change the scenery.

YouTube with Friends using WebRTC (PubNub)
Kevin Gleason makes use of the data channel to synchronize YouTube viewing between two browsers (and chat via WebRTC at the same time).

How to create a .Y4M video file that Chrome can use? (testRTC)
A tip on how to generate a .y4m video file that Chrome will use without crashing.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

sofasession signs licensing agreement with AKM (sofasession)
sofesession takes care of music licensing issues with its platform.

Video storytelling with Bubble and Ziggeo (Bubble)
Bubble integrates Ziggeo’s video APIs.

Industry Innovation: Utilizing WebRTC in the Healthcare Industry (Blacc Spot Media)
Lantre looks at the healthcare verticals and how WebRTC is used there.

ThinkingPhones Becomes Fuze And Grabs $112 Million Investment Led By Summit Partners (TechCrunch)
This one’s confusing. ThinkingPhones assumes the name of the company it acquired.


HD Audio Recording (VoxImplant)
VoxImplant now supports HD voice for its recording feature.

Google Hangouts is getting better call quality thanks to p2p networks (TheNextWeb)
Hangouts can now work P2P when it makes sense instead of routing video at all times.

Ameyo Launches New Cloud Contact Center Software for Emerging Businesses in India (Ameyo)
An interesting perspective on how to penetrate the India market with a VoIP service – and just in time for Kranky Geek India.

Epilogue (speak.io)
Speak.io shuts down.

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