WebRTC Weekly Issue #1 - February 5, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


State of the WebRTC “market” (nojitter.com)
Irwin Lazar explains the current market snapshot of WebRTC’s successes and challenges as he prepares for Enterprise Connect 2014.

LifeSize embraces WebRTC (telecomreseller.com)
An interesting podcast with Simon Dudley, LifeSize video evangelist, on how WebRTC fits into the LifeSize solution.

Norwegian Red Cross assisting schoolchildern with homework (iterate.no)
How a software house on Norway used appear.in WebRTC platform for a project they had with the Norwegian Red Cross.

Contact centers and context (nextblitz.com)
A very good overview of what WebRTC means for contact centers.

WebRTC and OTTs using ORTC (webrtc.is)
How WebRTC has the potential to improve OTT moving fotward, and how ORTC (a proposal for a better API replacement of SDP) plays an important role in it.


Check the network for WebRTC Connectivity
In theory, WebRTC should power thru any network topology, but this page will do a browser based scan to check a number of WebRTC.

Setting up a 1-1 video call (bearcoda.com)
If you are just looking for a simple implementation of WebRTC as reference code with a bit of explanantion, then this is a good starting point.

Primer to WebRTC for developers (doxsey.net)
Another good primer to what WebRTC is, how to use it and what it can do (written by Caleb Doxsey and targeted at developers).

A developer’s ruminations on using WebRTC (topal.com)
An engineer at Topal, working for Ondello, gives a good overview of his past year’s challenges with WebRTC.

Many-to-many calls in WebRTC (webrtchacks.com)
An overview of the different options and topologies for implementing many-to-many voice and video calls using WebRTC.


Secretly Meet (secretlymeet.me)
An in beta service that enables sharing full blown websites without servers using WebRTC’s data channel.

Pipe, a new P2P file exchange as a Facebook Application (gigaom.com)
More WebRTC data channel application, Pipe is similar to Sharefest.me but is integrated as a Facebook application, allowing you to exchange files between your friends P2P. Besting Sharefest, Pipe

VoiceChat API by Plivo (apievangelist.com)
Plivo, a WebRTC API Platform, release a github-forkable, simple implementation for voice chats. This specific post is an intro by Kin Lane about this new API.